About Me

πŸ‘‹Hello World !

I’m Himanshu.

I’m a User Experience Designer, currently a part of the design team at Adobe, India as a Senior Experience Designer.

I picked up reading as a hobby in late 2016 (at the age of 27). In 2018, I received the most thoughtful gift on my birthday: A KINDLE (Paperwhite, Wi-fi model) ! and my life changed. I have started reading much more since then, switching between Kindle (mostly for non-fiction books) and paperback (mostly for fiction books). Whenever I read books on kindle, I often highlight excerpts I find interesting, to visit later.

This is a blog with my musings and all those highlights/notes that I take while listening to podcasts and reading books.

Note: These are not book summaries.

Reach me at himanshuseth.com or @himan_seth